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Split Royalty checks?

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  • Split Royalty checks?

    We just received our first royalty check for a well in Garfield County drilled by Longfellow. It's for two months and was for 26.6 acres, and totaled $83 and change. It was for gas only. From what I have seen, most horizontal wells will have SOME oil in them! I never got completion reports, division orders or any news of how the well was doing.

    This is our experience of getting a royalty check for a recently drilled oil well. The other was drilled in 72 and we get measly checks once a quarter of around $34.

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    It would typically be two different buyers. One would be buying the gas and as first purchaser would pay the royalty. The well is likely showing up as an oil well. That check will be cut based on the refiner. They don't always synchronize checks.